SkimSniper Solutions LLC - Card Skimming Consulting

SkimSniper Solutions LLC - Card Skimming Consulting

Finally a solution to ATM Skimming in America - this video shows you how

What is SkimSniper Solutions?

SkimSniper Solutions is a fraud consulting company specializing in ATM Skimming loss mitigation for banks and financial institutions delivered via a unique three-pronged approach to help solve this epidemic problem.    


SkimSniper Solutions provides comprehensive consulting for banks and financial institutions to bring an extremely unique perspective to significantly mitigate card fraud loss. This is accomplished with a proven wide spectrum program based on proactive strategies and monitoring protocols which have proven effective in a 98% reduction in ATM fraud loss for one of the world's largest consumer banks.   


SkimSniper Solutions provides comprehensive nationwide training to local and federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to better prepare them in dealing with skimming cases and the necessary follow-up to help ensure successful prosecution. This unique training is based on strategies and protocols that have led to well over 350 skimming arrests nationwide over the past 6 years.   


SkimSniper Solutions is fully committed to raising awareness and education for the banking and law enforcement communities by sharing very unique expertise and knowledge via speaking engagements at seminars and conferences.  

About Us


Our founder

Kevin Lackey is a retired police officer and former military First Sergeant. In 2011, he built a revolutionary investigative team tasked with reducing rampant ATM Skimming losses for one of the largest consumer banks in the world. 

Over a nearly 6-year period, his innovative, proactive strategies were responsible for over 350 arrests nationwide and a 98% reduction in the firm's skimming losses. 

He is widely regarded in local and federal law enforcement circles as a leading expert in ATM Skimming Suppression in the U.S.  


Our history

SkimSniper Solutions, LLC was established to fill the massive void borne from the absence of proactive strategies in the banking industry in dealing with the issues of ATM Skimming and related criminal activity. 

Since the introduction of the ATM over 50 years ago, there has been no viable solution available to the banking industry to combat skimming issues. Thanks to bank consulting and fraud consulting offered by SkimSniper Solutions, those days are over. 


Our mission

Our mission is to dramatically decrease the impact of skimming fraud by providing revolutionary consulting services to financial institutions, comprehensive training for law enforcement and criminal prosecutors, and education and awareness for industry associations and law enforcement organizations.

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